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Laptop ECO Case 11“ to 15“

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ECOSustainable protective cases
made from 100% recycled materials 
to promote sustainable packaging. 
Grâce à son format plat et stylé d'attaché-case, cet ECO-Case est parfaitement adapté à l'ordinateur portable/notebook et à ses accessoires. Grâce à la mousse prédécoupée à 2 couches (mousse en cube), l'intérieur s'adapte individuellement à l'équipement. Very popular in many hobby and sports areas as a transport case and assortment case for any equipment.

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ECO Pro Series - the sustainable protective case - perfect as a laptop case or notebook case for sizes up to 15". A new series of waterproof, elegant and innovative hard cases made of 100% recycled plastic.Die ECO Pro Serie is lightweight, shockproof, water and dust resistant and represents the right balance between standard packaging solutions and professional waterproof cases.

Unique design for industrial and retail solutions - Lightweight and handy for functional and attractive packaging - Water, dust and shock resistant for outdoor use - 100% recycled materials to promote sustainable packaging.

We offer top TOMcase quality (no Asia import) to an unbeatable price performance. You have the choice of different colors and self-configurable, multi-layer grid foam inlay. We are also able to produce individual rigid foam inserts, which are adapted exactly to your product.

External dimensions (WxHxD) approx. 465x355x145 mm • Internal dimensions (WxHxD) approx. 415x280x125 mm

Base / lid dimension approx. 92 / 33 mm • Empty weight approx. 2.2 kg • Volume approx. 14.5 liters

 Environmentally friendly made from 100% recycled material

 Waterproof seal in the lid

 Automatic pressure equalization valve - thus suitable for air transport

 Easy to open closures by push button - prevents unintentional opening

 Ergonomic handle for high carrying comfort

 Eyelets for attaching padlocks

 Attachment points for shoulder strap

 Lightweight and shockproof case, stable and stackable

 Perfect as laptop or notebook case up to 15"

 Available as standard with two layers grid foam (cube foam)

 Customized foam inserts also available in small quantities on request

Compact carrying case made from 100% recycled plastic

With exceptionally high carrying comfort

Attractive design and easy handling

All materials are designed for long-term use

Proven TOMcase quality!

ECO 60

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