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Maximum protection also requires the careful organization of many things that can change as needed. This universally usable lid bag with protective nub foam for documents, tablet and much more provides a safe storage.

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This practical document case lid bag with nub foam can simply glued to the inside of the case lid (glue not included - we recommend hot glue). The black document lid bag fits to the XT 300 or 465 series and offers extra space and secure storage for documents, tablet, monitor and other equipment.

Suitable for:

 XT 300 

 XT 300 OMSO+/X3

 XT 300 GoPro

 XT 300 Mavic 1 Pro Travel Edition

 XT 300 Mavic 1 Pro White Travel Edition

 XT 300 Mavic Platinum Edition

 XT 300 Mavic Air Travel Edition

 XT 300 Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom Travel Edition

 XT 430

 XT 430 CAM

 XT 430 Ronin-S

 XT 430 Ronin-SC

 XT 430 MacBook 15" bis 2016

 XT 465 H125 

 XT 465 H220

 XT 465 Macbook 15" ab 2016

 XT 465 Macbook 13"

 XT 465 Mavic 2 Enterprise Ready-to-Fly

XTREMEly durable and very user-friendly

Practical with a robust design

All materials are designed for long-term use

Proven TOMcase quality!

XT300 Deckeltasche

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